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Philadelphia Main Line Garden Ponds and Water Features

aardweg-landscaping-main-line-philadelphia-water-pond-garden-design-dahlia There are few better ways to spend a warm afternoon than alongside the gurgling sound and action of flowing water. Many people flock to beaches, lakes and rivers to enjoy the quiet serenity of water, but it is possible to experience the same relaxation in your own back yard. With a pond, fountain or waterfall, your outdoor space is instantly transformed from an ordinary lawn into a special location where tranquility flows.

Your home or business will benefit from the timeless beauty of one of Aardweg Landscaping’s  Philadelphia Main Line garden ponds and water features. From a chlorinated fountain that requires minimal upkeep to a natural koi pond filled with lush vegetation, any option you choose will add character and value to your home or business. Your visitors will enjoy languishing by the water when the weather is nice. Water features may include Wall Fountains, Birdbaths, Cascades, Tiered Fountains, Water Walls, Sphere Fountains, Fountain Planter, Sound Activated Fountains and Misters.


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Aardweg Landscaping has over 35 years of experience creating Philadelphia Main Line garden ponds and water features. For more information about Aardweg Landscaping, visit us online or contact us by telephone at 610-355-0703.


Garden Pond Designed and Built by Aardweg Landscaping


The installation of water features and garden ponds must be handled with extreme care. The best way to ensure a quality result is to have your waterfall or fountain built by a professional landscaper, such as Aardweg Landscaping.  Aardweg Landscaping can turn your outdoor water feature dreams into reality. We create high-quality ponds and water features that will give you years of relaxation and enjoyment.

Contact Steve Aardweg of Aardweg Landscaping  today by telephone at 610-355-0703 to get started on creating a beautiful serene aquatic escape on your Main Line, Delaware County residential property! We are proud to serve Main Line communities such as Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Daylesford and Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.

Images — Dahlia, Pond (Right), Pond (Left)



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