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Best Native Plants of Southeastern Pennsylvania for Your Home Garden


Native plants are becoming increasingly popular among home landscaping designers and gardeners. And why not? Native species tend to be more zone hardy, are easy to grow, and require little to no extra fertilizers or water. They provide much needed food and protection for pollinating insects and birds.

And, native plants also help preserve the biodiversity of the increasingly dwindling rich natural history and beauty of the surrounding ecosystem. That being said, what are some of the best native plants for your southeastern Pennsylvania garden?

  • Common evening primrose – This biennial is beautiful and delicate, proffering an abundance of sweetly lemon-scented yellow flowers on plants up to five feet tall. It prefers full sun and moderately moist soil and is propagated by seed.
  • Rudbeckia – This splendid native annual is especially beloved of gardening enthusiasts and pollinating insect lovers alike. The vibrant yellow coned flowers dance atop one to three foot stems and bloom lavishly from June to October, almost indifferent to their sun and soil conditions.


Rudbeckia – Image by Qwertzy2

  • Asclepias – Also known as butterfly weed, it is definitely among the best native plants for your Pennsylvania garden. Delightful yellow to orange flower clusters cheer the summer landscape, laughing off drought conditions and full sun.


Asclepias – Image by Randy Nonenmacher

  • Allium – A relative of the onion, the wonderful orbs of pink, purple and white flowers bloom throughout the spring and summer months and excel in providing distinctive accents to the garden setting.

    Allium pennsylvania native plant aardweg landscaping

    Allium – Image by Hokuzai

There is one more important reason to incorporate native plants in the home garden in southeastern Pennsylvania. According to recent research by Dr. Doug Tallamy of the University of Delaware, “…90 percent of our native insects are specialists that feed on three or fewer families of plants. The insects rely on native plant hosts and cannot eat the exotic plants that have become common in our yards. A reduction of native insects means that birds have fewer insects to feed to their young, and that will lead to a reduction of bird species. In the next fifty years, what we plant in our yards will determine the kind of wildlife that can live in Pennsylvania.”

Integrate a little bit of the natural beauty and history of the gorgeous Main Line area by cultivating some of the best native plants for your Pennsylvania garden design. You’ll be very glad you did.

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