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When is the Best Time For Landscaping Installations?

As we prepare to pass from spring into summer, now is a pivotal time for landscaping considerations. Many homeowners wonder, “Is it too late in the season for the landscaping work I want?” Thankfully, professional landscaping installations are designed to withhold every season, especially when you partner with maintenance services and give your plants the care they need. With that being said, each season may inspire your ideal landscaping plans differently. Here is a look at landscaping endeavors tailored to every season. 

Spring Landscaping: A Versatile Season of Growth

With its gently warm temperatures, the spring season is known for its landscaping possibilities. Almost anything goes as the flowers begin to bloom. Now is the time to think big in terms of perennial gardens, bright greenery, and extensive plant installations. An expert will work with you to design your perfect outdoor space—the sky is the limit.  Beautiful garden pathway lined with flowers

Summer Landscaping: Calculated Arrangements and Drought-Resistant Plant Life

As the warmer months progress, summer temperatures bring longer days and more intense heat to your plants. The key to helping your landscape survive the season is arranging them in a way that takes advantage of your yard’s patterns of shade and sunlight. While summer landscaping installations may require more attention and watering, you can still achieve your ideal landscape well into the warmer months. An expert can also help keep your installation low-maintenance by taking advantage of native drought-resistant plant life. Bright greenery along a paved pathway

Fall Landscaping: Hardscapes and Deeply-Colored Florals

As the temperatures become cooler, the number of florals that are ideal for planting becomes smaller. Fall is known for its deep colors, and your landscape can easily reflect the spirit of this season. Along with the decorative pumpkins you might display outdoors, this is the time for mums and other hardy flowers. This is also an ideal time to consider hardscape installations. Hardscapes are more challenging to install in the bitter cold of winter, but you will likely want them ready to enjoy by spring rather than spending your warmer seasons accommodating heavy outdoor renovations. This makes fall your perfect window for partnering with a professional to transform your patio, pathway, pergola, courtyard, entryway, or outdoor kitchen.  A fall courtyard landscaped in Philadelphia

Winter Landscaping: Evergreens, Freeze Preparation, and Design Services

Early winter is known for its outstanding, hardy evergreen installations; however, the winter season is less about installing new landscaping and more about making sure your landscape is ready for the freezing temperatures. Even evergreen shrubs will need about a month before any major freeze to establish their roots. Late winter heading into early spring, you can begin preparing for the warmer weather with the landscaping design stage. By preparing your design and partnering with an expert early, you can ensure you are ready to go as soon as the opportune weather rolls back around.  Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Your Main Line Philadelphia Home

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