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Problems With Standing Water in Your Lawn and Drainage Solutions

What makes a piece of land the perfect place to build a home? Is it the view, the location, or the foundational structure? While the first two are widely discussed, we rarely talk about the last one: how well our land is designed to support a healthy home. Primarily, if your land wasn’t prepared to manage rainfall, you could be left with standing water. This poses a wide variety of risks for your landscape and your home. Learn more here about why you should care about standing water and what you can do about it Privacy barrier provided by plants

Standing Water Attracts Bugs

When water is left standing for too long, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests like mosquitos. Paying every monthly for pest services can add up, and they only solve the symptoms of the problem instead of the problem itself. 

Dead Grass and Plants

Grass is unable to survive in spots where water is left standing. This is because extra water can lead to root rot. It may also prevent plantlife from accessing stable yard nutrients. Instead of luscious grass, your yard could become susceptible to unsightly moss growth. Privacy plant installation

Messy Lawns and Extra Mud

Standing water can make your lawn stay muddy for days after the last rainfall. If you have dogs or young children who enjoy playing outdoors, this could create a mess outside that can be carried inside when they come indoors. 

Foundational Home Damage

When extra water surrounding your home reaches its foundation, it can cause structural damage. This primarily features wood rot. In severe flooding situations, standing water can also cause internal water damage to your drywall and electrical systems. 

Reduced Property Value From Water

The damage done by standing water and the presence of this issue can lead to a lowered property value for your home. Potential buyers will not want to inherit the problems created by extra water or manage the implementation of drainage solutions on a newly-purchased home. This makes your home less attractive on the market when you are ready to sell. 

Solution 1: Landscape Grading

Yard leveling, also called landscape grading, is a process that involves leveling the land to eliminate drainage issues. This includes removing heavy dips in your yard that collect standing water and ensure your land can drain water properly. Landscape grading is ideally completed before the home is built. 

Solution 2: Landscaping for Drainage

There are a few different ways that your landscape can be managed for better drainage after your home is built. Two popular options include French drain systems and dewatering wells. A landscaping expert can help you decide which of these options is best for you, your budget, your home, and your yard. 

Solution 3: Clear Underlying Issues

Underlying drainage issues can be present in your yard, be they created by your standing water or contributing to the problem. These include sinkholes, decaying tree roots or stumps, and issues that exist beneath your grass. By detecting and repairing these issues, a landscaping professional can ensure that your drainage problems don’t return. 

Lawn Leveling, Drainage, and Landscaping Services in Philadelphia

If you find that your lawn is holding standing water, the professionals at Aardweg Landscaping have the skills and experience to implement a variety of different solutions. We proudly serve the landscaping needs of Philadelphia and surrounding areas such as Newtown Square, Wayne, Suburban Philadelphia, the Main Line, and beyond. Contact the experts at Aardweg Landscaping to get started today!
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