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How Landscaping Installations Help the Environment and Your Wallet

This summer is unlike any other that we have experienced here in Philadelphia. With many homeowners trying to make each dollar go further, saving energy is a great place to start. While landscaping is known for the aesthetics and health benefits it provides, outdoor installations can also help you save the environment and money.  Picture of a landscaped pathway lined with flowers

Lower AC Costs and Home Energy Usage

If you enjoy the sight of tall, shady flora, you will be delighted to learn about the benefits they can provide your wallet and the environment. Well-placed trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements can cast cooling shade over your yard and your home. The US Department of Energy reports that strategic landscaping can reduce your home’s air conditioning energy costs by up to 50%. When you exert less energy to cool your home, you save money and lower your environmental impact without sacrificing comfort. big, shady tree surrounded by landscaping

Lower Heating Costs and Energy Usage

Have you ever found yourself wishing that there was an easy, cost-effective way to feel warmer during the harsh winter months Philadelphia experiences? Strategic landscaping can save you money, protect your home, and lower your carbon footprint. The Department of Energy reports that the same strategic landscaping that helps keep your home cooler in the summer can help you stay warmer in the winter. This is because these installations block harsh winds, lowering the windchill effect you experience and preventing excess snow from blowing into your home. Shrubs and other greenery can also have an insulating effect on your home’s foundation. This method of saving energy comes with the added benefit of the attractive landscape you get to enjoy year-round. Mixed selection of greenery in Philadelphia

Supports Local Ecosystems while Raising Property Value

Landscaping is essential for supporting health within your local ecosystems. It is no question that a bright arrangement of flora looks attractive on the surface. However, beneath the ground, your plant roots are working hard to filter rainwater contaminants and prevent soil erosion. Your plants also contribute to the essential work of converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen while removing toxins from the air. A study done by NASA reports, “Plant roots and their associated microorganisms then destroy the pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and the organic chemicals, eventually converting all these air pollutants into new plant tissue.”  Fresh air and water are well-known benefits of landscaping, but these installations also work discreetly to save the planet. For example, plants are effective at reducing lesser-known environmental stressors, such as noise pollution. While your plants are hard at work for the environment, they are also taking important strides to save you money, such as by increasing your property value Privacy plant installation

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If you are looking for an easy way to save money this year while giving back to the earth, consider the opportunities of landscaping. When you are ready to take advantage of these and other landscaping benefits, contact Aardweg Landscaping. Our accredited company proudly serves the landscaping design, installation, and maintenance needs of the Tri-State area, including Merion Station, Wayne, Malvern, Devon, Ardmore, and beyond. Get in touch today to get started—Aardweg landscaping looks forward to transforming your outdoor space.  
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