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How to Create Curb Appeal with Your Eye-Catching Main Line Entryway Garden

It has been said that oAardweg Landscaping Perennial Garden Ardmore Bryn Mawr Berwynne of the most important features about your Philadelphia area home is how it appears from the road upon first impression. This sentiment about curb appeal is difficult to argue with, since we know that first impressions are often lasting impressions.

As we come and go to our Main Line area homes on a daily basis, we are reminded of the significance of curb appeal, for different reasons, including:

  • Curb appeal impacts whether or not we feel good about the appearance of our homes
  • We have an obligation to our neighbors and family members to keep our homes looking nice
  • Curb appeal becomes a significant factor for individuals who have listed their homes to sell
  • Our front yard garden landscape design impacts the overall appearance of our whole property

There are dozens of expert landscaping and property maintenance suggestions that will provide answers on how to create curb appeal. One of thperennial gardens aardweg landscaping main line philadelphia malvern paoli edgemente first steps to take when you are considering how to create curb appeal at your home is to evaluate the primary assets of your front yard, and the attractive architectural features of your home, and accentuate the positive.

Adding a Flagstone or brick paver walkway will add a rich texture and character to the main approach to your home; as will low, slow growing plants or ground cover planted alongside the walkway.

At the center of every Main Line front yard garden landscape design is an eye-catching entryway garden. says Change the look of the garden throughout the year. Give your entry garden seasonal updates with bulbs in spring, annuals in summer, mums in fall and evergreens for winter. Containers can be moved around to alter the look of the garden.”

If your home is set back a distance from the street with a long front walk, a balanced design idea is to plant trees on either side of the walk to create a canopy over the sidewalk. The sidewalk can be lined with attractive plants, appropriately scaled with a variety of plants, shrubs and small trees adding seasonal color.

aardweg landscaping main line pennsylvania malvern paoli edgemontThe Main Line landscape design, maintenance and installation firm of Aardweg Landscaping offers professional front yard garden landscape design. Specializing in Philadelphia landscaping design services, Aardweg Landscaping has been serving customers in Main Line communities such as Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, and Gladwyne for over 35 years.

To hear more about how Aardweg Landscaping can help you understand how to create curb appeal with your eye-catching Main Line entryway garden, call us at 610-355-0703, or email us using our online contact web form.

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