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Hardscaping Surfaces for Your Philadelphia Home

Their name belies the gentle and integral role they play in any landscaping design:  hardscapes – the stone, brick, pavers and stamped concrete that unify and beautify lush, green outdoor landscapes.

As your Philadelphia yard goes dormant, now is the perfect time to begin envisioning new life for it next year with compelling landscaping ideas that incorporate hardscaping surfaces.

Main Line Philadelphia Landscaping - Hardscaping

If your yard is like many others, it includes one annoying area that could benefit from a makeover. Often, it’s a forlorn, forgotten spot that’s largely out of sight. Worse, it could the gateway to your home, which might lack a graceful walkway or a retaining wall. Or the trouble spot could be your backyard deck or patio, which could be rejuvenated with the addition of a soothing water feature or gentle garden borders that frame colorful perennials.

With your own trouble spot top-of-mind, consider the full array of hardscaping surfaces:

  • Wood, which not only makes a strong, durable surface for decking but is an outstanding choice for arbors. These graceful archways usually serve as a gateway from a front yard to back yard.
  • Concrete is enjoying a resurgence, of sorts, because this long-lasting surface can be colored, stained, stamped and textured in beautiful designs.
  • Pavers like cobblestone and brick are often laid in sand to create a clean look for walkways, patios and driveways.
  • Stone surfaces such as limestone, slate, sandstone and quartzite can be cut in a multitude of shapes and sizes before being affixed in concrete for virtually any hardscape project.
  • Cast stone may look like natural stone but it really is a masonry product that provides functionality to such outdoor elements as door surrounds, columns and planters.

To make your landscaping ideas come to fruition, do what thousands of other homeowners in Strafford, Swarthmore, Villanova, Wayne, Wynnewood, Lower Merion and Newtown Township have done: they’ve relied on the expert eye and creativity of Certified Landscape Designer Steven Aardweg at Aardweg Landscaping.  Contact us today for a consultation and transform your Philadelphia home in time for spring.

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Image by ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete via Flickr

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