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Main Line Philadelphia Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

For many home and business owners who take the time to create a gorgeous landscape, showing it off is half of the fun. Why let the gorgeous appeal of your home go dark at sunset when you can create a landscape lighting design that showcases your most attractive architectural and lawn features, even in the darkest hours?

When it’s done properly, landscape lighting can turn your dark outdoor space into a 24-hour oasis. Flood lighting is popular for putting the “spotlight” on favored landscaping and architectural elements in the front of a home or business, making it stand out on a block that is likely filled with darkened facades, but the backyard can benefit from an illuminated touch, also.Main Line Philadelphia Landscape Lighting Design

With pole lighting that casts a soft glow over your outdoor water feature or an upward bullet light that showcases the ravishing red of your Japanese maple tree, illuminating your lawn or garden is a great way to add both value and beauty to your home or business. Mounted pathway, staircase and planting bed lighting can assist visitors in finding their way safely to your doorstep, as well.

There are relatively few necessities for a landscape lighting design, but it is important to understand the complexities of electrical components. The low-voltage systems that are common in today’s landscape lighting are safer than 120-volt systems, but improper installation can cost time, money and headaches. Solar and LED systems are also available, though they cost more to create.  A professional landscaper can help you integrate the gorgeous lighting of your choice, and you won’t have to lift a finger to start enjoying the benefits of a glowing evening landscape.

Aardweg Landscaping has served the Philadelphia area for more than 30 years. Our team of landscaping professionals can create a custom lighting design for your landscape, offering superlative customer service every step of the way. We proudly serve homes and businesses along the Main Line, including the communities of Haverford, Malvern, Media, Narberth, Paoli, Rosemont, and St. Davids.  Contact Aardweg Landscaping today to learn about our services by using our online contact form, or by calling 610.355.0703.

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