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3 Tips for Philadelphia Landscaping Retaining Wall Design

Are you considering outdoor living options that may involve a Philadelphia landscaping retaining wall design? Retaining walls are often needed in order to hold the earth back at strategic locations around your landscaped gardens. Or, the retaining wall may be needed to create adequate space for a patio or outdoor living space. Landscaping retaining wall design should encompass a number of factors if you are to ensure it is both functional and attractive, such as:

Design: Structural Integrity and Materials
The two primary design features for the landscaping retaining wall design are the structural integrity, and the material selection. For a low sloping grade, a small retaining wall will be self supported under its own weight. Any time a retaining wall higher than three feet is constructed, the services of a professional landscape designer should be used to prevent structural problems, or drainage and erosion issues from storm water flow.

Philadelphia Landscaping Retaining Wall Design

Lovely trellis with roses mounted on a brick wall

Natural stone such as Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone works well with the architecture of many Main Line homes. Brick is also a good choice; however, it can be difficult to find brick that matches an existing structure. Concrete is durable but less attractive, so many homeowners choose interlocking concrete blocks that resemble natural stone, instead.

Retaining walls may be placed against hills for grading purposes, or strategically employed to create raised garden beds or a sunken garden room. They can also be used to level out sloped surfaces to make them better for recreational activities.

In order to enhance their appearance, the right landscaping features must be designed around the retaining wall. The type of plants used to enhance this structure will depend on its size, appearance and whether it is located in the sun or shade. It’s not uncommon for multi-tiered walls to have plants of varying heights along with lots of ground cover and perennial flowers.

Small trees, hostas and evergreen shrubs all work nicely on or near retaining walls, as well. You might think you need more than just three tips for Philadelphia landscaping retaining wall design, but these three will actually cover the basic design, details and aesthetic considerations you need to get started on planning.

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