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New Outdoor Living Space Adds Value to Your Main Line Home

Backyard Pool & Landscaped Garden Design Perfect for a Main Line Residence

Backyard Pool & Landscaped Garden Design Perfect for a Main Line Residence

One of the more popular home trends in recent years is the expansion of the outdoor living area, including hardscaping, landscaping, and an outdoor kitchen. As home prices dropped, and the inventory of homes on the real estate market decreased, homeowners have begun to invest in their current homes in anticipation of selling when home prices increase. Therefore, the development of the outdoor living area has become fashionable.

One remaining question for the homeowner considering an outdoor living area as a remodeling project is determining whether or not it will provide a good return on investment when the home sells. Professional quality landscaping and hardscaping has long been considered as a good investment—an investment that will increase the resale value of your property.

Better Homes & Gardens says, “…5-15 percent is only a rough guideline based on averages. Generally, more expensive homes have greater potential to increase in value from a well-designed and well-installed landscape. Remember that hardscape features…such as pavers, stone walls, decks, and patios — are part of the landscape investment.”

Consider the following incentives for adding an outdoor living space:

  • Good ROI: An outdoor living space will increase the resale value of a home. Like most remodeling and renovation projects, it rarely returns 100% of your investment; but the enhancement of the home improves the overall quality, environment and curb appeal.
  • Entertainment Value: An outdoor living area expands the into our space to the outdoors, providing multiple opportunities for family recreation and entertainment. A covered and partially enclosed outdoor kitchen with a fireplace enables social engagement practically year round.
  • Relaxation: Spending time outdoors in a pleasant environment, with family and friends promises reduced stress, and opportunities to relax without leaving home.
Image from Aardweg Landscaping Portfolio

Image from Aardweg Landscaping Portfolio

A master landscape design plan will coordinate everything including existing circulation paths, decks and patios, landscaped gardens, an outdoor kitchen, a covered eating area, a pool or water feature, a fireplace or fire pit, seating areas and much more. Aardweg Landscaping meets with the homeowner and performs a survey of the property initially to begin the design phase of the work. Working together with the homeowner, Steve Aardweg evaluates your design program, basic terrain features of the property, and existing plant life in order to establish a plan.

Aardweg Landscaping is one of Main Line Philadelphia’s leading landscaping companies. We will assist you in planning, installing, and maintaining an outdoor living area that is perfectly suited to your unique preferences, lifestyle and home. Be sure to view our online portfolio to see examples of our work. Contact us to get started developing your Main Line landscaped garden plan, by telephone at 610.355.0703.

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