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Nighttime Curb Appeal for Your Main Line Philadelphia Home

Landscape lighting design is one of those areas in which it could be said, the sky is the limit! Many companies are investing research and development dollars in lighting design. They are incorporating new lighting concepts into outdoor living areas, stair and railing products, hardscaping, and even paving materials — with LED lighting embedded in walkways.

Are you interested in adding landscape lighting to your Main Line Philadelphia home in order to enhance the nighttime curb appeal or to spruce up your property prior to placing it on the real estate market for sale? Consider path lighting, up lighting, and down lighting; for safety and ambiance:

Path Lighting: Path lighting is typically made up of small light fixtures that are placed along the edge of a walkway, driveway, or any other circulation route running through your property. With many styles to choose from, you can select a style that complements both your landscape design and your home architectural style. Adding both a safety feature and enhancing the ambiance of your home – path lighting will dramatically light up your property.

Up Lighting: Up lighting traditionally involves spotlighting landscape and architectural features found on your property. For example, you might set a spotlight to light up a beautiful large tree or tall landscaped garden area. Multiple spotlights can be utilized to create symmetry on the front of a home to feature forms surrounding entrance areas.

Down Lighting: Down lighting encompasses a wide variety of lighting fixture types, including wall and pole mounted fixtures that shed light on entrance areas, walkways, landscaped gardens and architectural features.

Our professionally trained landscape design and installation personnel, under the direction of Steve Aardweg, APLD, will provide the superior service, attention to detail and design inspiration you require to add nighttime curb appeal for your Main Line Philadelphia home. Acquire the garden lighting design that suits your needs and matches your preferences! For more information about Aardweg Landscaping, send us an email or contact us by telephone at 610-355-0703.

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Images via,, Wikimedia Commons, and Aardweg Landscaping

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