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Landscaping Offers High Return on Investment

Main Line Philadelphia real estate experts say that adding top-quality landscaping completed by a professional landscape design and installation company will add as much as 20 percent to the value of your home, and help you sell your home more quickly. Historically, residential landscaping offers a high return on investment (ROI) in comparison to many other home improvements. Plus, if you perform these home improvements upon moving in to a new home or shortly thereafter, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful greenery, trees and flowers for years.

Gorgeous gardens designed and installed by Aardweg Landscaping invite visitors to this attractive Main Line residence

Gorgeous gardens designed and installed by Aardweg Landscaping

Evolving a Landscape Design
Frequently, homeowners will engage a professional landscape design firm possessed with the education, experience and knowledge of indigenous plants to design a master landscape design plan that coordinates all planted areas plus walkways, paths, hardscaping (such as decks and patios), water features and outdoor living areas. The purpose of the plan is to show existing conditions on the site, along with a proposed new landscape plan.

Steve Aardweg of Aardweg Landscaping discussing the proposed design

Steve Aardweg discussing the proposed design

The Design Process
The landscape design process begins when the principal in the firm you select, such as Steve Aardweg of Aardweg Landscaping, meets with the homeowner and discusses preferences, expectations, and design ideas in a complimentary (approximately one hour) consultation. In the next step, Steve typically performs a survey of the property to map the plants, features and terrain in order to begin the design phase of the work. Finally, working with the homeowner, Steve creates a master plan that everyone is enthusiastic about and an estimate of costs is submitted to the homeowner. The work can be phased over time, or completed all at once according to the homeowners’ timetable and resources.

3.1after - garden and patio with knee wall

Photographic Image Designs
Another excellent option to consider as you evaluate different landscape designs is the photographic image design. Photographic image designs begin with taking a picture of your existing landscape before improvements are made, then, a computer software program is used by the landscape designer to “add in” certain plants and hardscaping features to create a localized garden area or feature. With the photographic image designs, you’ll be able to see what the finished result will look like once all the plants you choose are planted and fully mature.

Many new outdoor living trends are popular with homeowners, as they extend indoor living spaces outward, including everything from terraced gardens to outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. Adorned with fire pits, swimming pools and extensive hardscaping – these areas present significant additional financial investment in the property, however, the return on investment for outdoor living areas and kitchens is significantly lower than for classic residential landscaping.

Aardweg Landscaping is a recipient of the coveted Best of Houzz 2014 Award for Customer Satisfaction in Landscape Design and Architecture. Visit our Houzz page to see many gorgeous garden designs and images. 

Consider Aardweg Landscaping
As one of the leading landscaping companies on the Philadelphia Main Line, Aardweg Landscaping has many years of experience assisting homeowners in planning, installing, and maintaining a landscaped garden that will significantly add value to the property, and one that is well-suited to the unique preferences, lifestyle and architectural style of the home. Contact Steve Aardweg to begin developing your Main Line landscaped garden plan, by telephone at 610.355.0703.

Visit Aardweg Landscaping on Houzz and YouTube to see many beautiful gallery images and videos with narrated walk-throughs of some of our most popular Formal and Perennial gardens. 



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