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Classic Landscape Design for Formal Philadelphia Gardens

Who has not experienced the utter delight and serenity of stepping into the thoughtfully designed and meticulously arranged landscape of a formal garden? The lines of which are clean and simple, with symmetrically pleasing patterns, all ensconced in a well-ordered world of soothing greens and muted shades. Surely these surroundings offer a Pollack formal garden 031reprieve from the hectic pace of life and provide moments of rest and peaceful reflection.

What constitutes a landscape design for formal gardens? The first step in creating a formal garden is developing a clean and classic pattern. This is often accomplished by the inclusion of a brick, stone or paved pathway, with straight or slightly curved, clearly defined lines. The pathway creates order and adds a sense of strength and tidiness to the layout. Along this crisply delineated path, harmonious accents, such as a comfortable concrete garden bench or large urns, are added to bring Old World charm and traditional form to the garden.

Next come evergreen focal points and massed shrubberies of various textures and growth patterns, billowing hydrangeas and stately roses — all classic formal garden additions that add a soft floral impact. Perennials and annuals are integrated in tasteful amounts to enhance the design, giving surprising bursts of color amid the soothing green backdrop. Focal points and artistic planters bring drama and refinement to complement the picture. Aardweg Landscaping Main Line Formal Garden

“…along this crisply delineated path harmonious accents such as a comfortable concrete garden bench or large urns are added to bring Old World charm and traditional form to the garden.


Classic Landscape Design for Formal Philadelphia Gardens

Traditionally landscaped formal gardens, representing great diversity as to specific design, are everywhere on display in Europe. says, “Give your yard an air of elegance and refinement by incorporating principles of formal garden design. This garden style dates as far back as ancient Egypt and began to spread across Europe during the 16th Century. Formal garden design is all about order and balance. Symmetrical plantings, well-defined paths, and pruned plants all contribute to the formal ambiance of a garden. ”

Your very own Philadelphia area garden may well be a Cinderella story in the making – a transformation from something drab into something beautiful and conversation-worthy —  truly an happily ever after ending to a garden with a modest and unassuming beginning.


The 35-year old full-service landscape design company, Aardweg Landscaping of Newtown Square, PA was recently Remodeling and Home Designrecognized with the “Best Of Houzz” 2015 award for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. Are you interested in seeing how your Main Line garden can be transformed with a lovely design, quality plant materials and decades of garden design and installation expertise?  To schedule a complimentary on-site consultation, call Aardweg Landscaping at 610-355-0703, or send an email using the website Contact form.


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