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A Williamsburg Style Garden for Your Main Line Home

In the late 1700s, one would think American colonists had more urgent matters to attend to than creating and maintaining elaborate gardens. Yet, as these gardens were seen as a status symbol and representative of how the young country was flourishing, Williamsburg style gardens, strongly influenced by European designs, were born. This classic plan is still duplicated today in many places around the country.

Williamsburg style garden design Main Line Philadelphia PA

Williamsburg style garden design Main Line Philadelphia PA

As in traditional formal gardens, the design relies heavily on geometric precision, particularly the “quincunx”, which involves four square or rectangular sections balanced around a central area. This provides a pleasing panoramic view from a second story window or balcony, where the symmetry can be seen to maximum impact. Mirroring is an integral feature; whatever happens on one side must be balanced on the other side, to maintain a predictable and peaceful harmony. A series of crosswalks break off the main pathway to provide access throughout the whole garden.

Traditional Landscape by Newtown Square Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Aardweg Landscaping

Traditional Landscape by Main Line PA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Aardweg Landscaping

Many Williamsburg style gardens have a central focal point. According to the article ‘Adding focal points to create memorable landscapes’, “The style of a garden helps dictate an appropriate focal point. A trio of stone pillars or a bamboo waterspout would complement a Japanese garden. A bee skep or sundial would be a natural in a Williamsburg-style garden or as the centerpiece of a four square vegetable garden.”
The entirety of the design is enclosed in shrubberies, brick walls or fences, to strongly define the space and lend that feeling of privacy, and entry into the garden is typically through a opulent gate.
The overall pattern and plant selections are the main features of the Williamsburg garden. Vertical interest is provided through gracefully shaped topiaries, espaliered fruit trees, and trellises and tripods on which the plants might clamber. The edibles and ornamental plants are all grown together in a comfortable, visually appealing way adding distinction to your Main Line garden. Seating is provided for the lover of nature to enjoy the peace and quite in the ordered and balanced Williamsburg garden setting.
Here’s the question — is there a colonial Williamsburg garden waiting to be discovered in your yard?

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