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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Philadelphia Homes

If you have invested effort, time and money into your landscape design, it would truly be a shame if the sunset marked the end of your outdoor experience, or if the encroaching darkness meant that you were limited in the enjoyment of your lawn or garden’s full potential. The solution? Outdoor landscape lighting. Why not consider some outdoor landscape lighting ideas for Philadelphia homes and see what might look stunning in your lawn and garden?

Pathway Lighting

Your walkways and borders have been designed for the perfect walking experience. Enjoy the charming new dimension that nighttime can bring to your garden with small lights to gently guide you on your evening excursion. The choices in lighting can vary substantially, from small guide lights to powerful LEDs to decorative outdoor-landscape-lighting-pathway-lightingdesigns that do double-duty as attractive accessory pieces during daylight hours. says, “Path lights are visual aids in a dark space, but they also add color and texture if you place them near interesting plants. This way, you can retain pieces of your garden’s charm long after the sun sets.” Alternatively, remember that it is not necessary to light every foot of the path, they can be used sparingly to light items of interest.

Accent Lighting

The cloak of darkness can really enhance garden drama given the correct setting. A statue or water feature or even some wonderfully colored plants might serve as an impressive focal point that could really stand out in the nighttime scheme with strategically placed lights which focus on the color, texture or form of your beloved selections.

Moon Lighting – For those who relish wandering outside when the moon is bright, now you can have that feeling all the time! Among the more novel outdoor landscape lighting ideas for Philadelphia homes, this clever technique mounts light fixtures high in trees so you don’t see the source of light – you just see the effects.

Hardscape Lighting

hardscape-lightingAnother clever trick of modern technology, LED strands can be affixed to the edges of hard surfaces such as steps or walls, to gently filter light throughout the garden area.

So who says that the garden is off limits just because the sun goes down? Take a look at the plethora of new outdoor landscape lighting ideas for Philadelphia homes and find some creative ways to spice up your garden’s night life!

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