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Eco-friendly Low Impact Landscape Design and the Environment

The impact of low impact landscape design on the environment We should be good stewards of the Earth’s resources, plain and simple. Whether we realize it or not, ourlandscaping choices do leave an impact on the environment, whether for good or ill. Why not demonstrate a practical awareness of personal ecological responsibility in considering some environmentally friendly tips that will energize your Philadelphia landscape design process.

The following are a few viable eco-friendly options to consider:

  • Sustainable plant selections – While you might be drawn to more exotic or tropical vegetation, remember that native plants will have greater adaptability to your landscaped yard and garden’s particular micro-climate – including the soil type, weather patterns, seasonal changes and water requirements. These plants are your best bet for a garden that enhances rather than depletes the environment.
  • Eco-friendly hardscapes – Integrating more vegetation into the landscape minimizes the need for special materials. When hardscape and paving materials are needed, choose untreated options such as crushed brick, mulch, or gravel, which require little to no processing and encourage good drainage throughout your Philadelphia landscape design.
  • Special outdoor features – There are many options to enhance the attractiveness and productivity of your overall Aardweg-Landscaping-Perennials-Philadelphia-Garden-1design. Such interesting conversation pieces might include xeriscaping, green roofs, rain gardens, green walls, and bioswales. These brilliant techniques offer suggestions on how to make good use of often underutilized spaces to produce beautiful and eco-friendly additions to your gardening scheme.

Low Impact Materials

The American Society of Landscape Architects says, “Homeowners can significantly increase the quality of the environment through the use of innovative low-impact materials. These materials include permeable, recycled, recyclable, reflective (high albedo), and non-toxic materials. Using these materials can minimize consumption of newer materials, enable a continual reuse of limited natural resources, and decrease waste and environmental pollution.”

The ecological impact of landscape materials production increases in proportion to the extent of the complexity of the manufacturing. Low impact materials such as uncut stone, earth materials, wood and bamboo pose fewer environmental and Aardweg Landscaping Main Line Formal Garden human health risks.

Responsible Landscape Design

Take the best care possible of your own little piece of earth, and if you are interested in learning more about how landscape design impacts the environment contact professional landscape designer Aardweg Landscaping. Your local Philadelphia landscape design company, Aardweg Landscaping, offers the expertise you need to responsibly design and manage your attractive landscaped property.

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