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How Will Your Masterpiece Landscape Design Change Over Time?

It has been said that “youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” And is it not so that a mature, established landscape garden positively spills over with natural beauty, form and detail? This is because the experienced landscaping design artist designed with an eye for what the garden would become in the process of time, and not simply what it could offer immediately. This then is unquestionably a work of art.

Landscape Design Wayne Pa

Photo by Aardweg Landscaping – Discover traditional landscape design ideas that evolve and change according to plan, over time

Residential homeowners in communities such as Gladwyne, Haverford and King of Prussia have access to a prestigious landscaping company that knows how to design and install works of garden “art” that will only become more enchanting with the passing of time. That company is Aardweg Landscaping. So how does this company approach garden design?

Planning for the Element of Time
Because new plants are small, many people tend to overcrowd freshly landscaped garden beds; this looks nice and full for a while, but eventually the poor plants cannot breathe or grow to their full potential, and the whole design suffers. Aardweg knows plants and their site specific requirements and selects with an eye to the mature potential. True, this means waiting longer for that established look. But for those in communities such as Gladwyne, Haverford and King of Prussia, PA, — you will get a garden that increases in value and loveliness through the subsequent years.

Formal Gardens on the Main Line of Pa

Photo by Aardweg Landscaping – The well-designed Main Line garden gets more beautiful with time

Planning for the Unpredictable
There is no fool-proof approach to landscaping. Sometimes things don’t thrive as hoped. Sometimes people change their minds about plant preferences. So throughout the design and installation process,  Aardweg designers will be flexible and maneuver smoothly through detours, often finding opportunity to create something even more wonderful than originally planned!
Landscape Design Wayne, PA

Photo by Aardweg Landscaping – Traditional landscape design inspiration and style

Homeowners in communities such as Gladwyne, Haverford and King of Prussia  — give your new garden landscape time.  Time will only enhance your appreciation of all its charms.
Front entry for Main Line home

Photo by Aardweg Landscaping – The traditional Gladwyne garden is strategically planted to maintain shape, form and structure over time

In 2014, 2015, and 2016 Aardweg Landscaping of Newtown Square, PA  received the “Best Of Houzz” award forAardweg-Landscaping-Houzz-Recommended-badge_20_9Customer Satisfaction by Houzz. They also received the exclusive “Recommended” badge for top rated professionals on Houzz in 2015.

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