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Home Staging with Landscaping at Your Philadelphia Main Line Residence

Springtime has arrived here along the Philadelphia Main Line  — days are longer, the temperature is warmer and spring flowers are blooming. Many homeowners are performing property maintenance and cleaning out garden beds and shrub areas in preparation for Home Staging with Landscaping at Your Philadelphia Main Line Residenceplanting flowers or spending time in the garden.

For those homeowners planning to list their properties for sale, you will be most concerned about creating attractive curb appeal and completing exterior upgrades as part of home staging. Professional landscape improvements are well known for adding value to your property.  Experts estimate that professional landscaping can add as much as 12% to your home value.

First impressions are critical, so as you stage your home, think about the first impressions potential buyers will have as they approach your home and property. What needs to be done, to guarantee a positive first impression? There are a few important focal areas that must be landscaped and well-maintained, such as the…

Gardened Mail Box Area.
You want to spruce up the mail box area with flowering plants and an edge around the garden area.  If your mail box needs any paint or upgrades, upgrading your mailbox and post are a good investment. A splash of color at the front of the house is an eye-catching plus. For maximum impact, choose one color and vary the height of plants.

Main Entrance Area.
Adding attractive, well-balanced, layered shrubs, flowering plants, and trees in the area surrounding the main approach to your front door creates a stunning impression of the entrance area.   If your entrance area is overgrown with shrubbery and other plants; trim it back and replace selected plants with well scaled perennials or flowering foundation plants. Evening curb appeal is created by adding low voltage landscaping lighting along walkways, as spots focused on attractive architectural or landscape features. Add an attractive door décor as part of your home staging that communicates a warm welcome year round, and promotes the beauty of your Philadelphia Main Line residence.

Main Entrance Walkway.
Flagstone hardscaped walkways add a rich texture and character to the main approach to your home. Low, slow growing plants or ground cover may be planted along the walkway. Any other areas around your property such as the back yard seating areas, side doors, decks, and patios, should be landscaped with gardens and flowerbeds.

Front and Back Yard MaintHome Staging with Landscaping at Your Philadelphia Main Line Residenceenance.
Finally, finish it all off by completing basic yard care such as edging sidewalks, trimming shrubs, clear out debris from garden beds, mow the lawn and rake and dispose of leaves, even if your lot is wooded. Trim tree limbs that are near the house or touching the home’s roof.

Professional quality landscaping for curb appeal is a necessary home improvement prior to staging your home to sell. Professional landscaping is one of the essential home improvements to stage your home for sale, and it has been proven to have an excellent return on investment.

If you’re interested in engaging a professional landscape design firm for a landscape design, contact the Main Line Philadelphia firm of Aardweg Landscaping. We offer a complimentary consultation for the purpose of reviewing your landscape plans and property; and to discuss your landscape design and landscape installation options. We are also available for spring garden cleaning and landscape maintenance. Please contact Aardweg Landscaping online through the website, or by calling 610.355.0703.

Images by Aardweg Landscaping, Newtown Square, PA

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