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Fall Landscape Design Ideas for Main Line Philadelphia Homes

Many homeowners and business owners focus their landscaping elements on what their property will look like in the spring and summer, but the fall offers its own unique color palette. With proper planning, the autumn months can turn your Philadelphia Main Line yard into a gorgeous showcase of vibrant life. The following landscaping ideas are easy ways to create an alluring fall scene on your own property.

Serviceberry Shrub

Mums are the quintessential fall flower, but there are many other blossoms whose colors will brighten your lawn, planters or flower beds. Perennial fall flower favorites include anemone, clematis, sedum and autumn crocus. Autumn annuals, including majestic sunflowers, asters and violas, should be planted in the late summer so that they bloom through the fall months.

Your shrub hedge can bear the beauty of the season, as well. Burning bush is a popular fall shrub, but viburnums and oak leaf hydrangeas have beautiful flowers in addition to lush foliage. Some property owners use fruit-bearing shrubs, such as blueberry and serviceberry, as great landscaping ideas that add to an autumn outdoor area with stunning colors.

Among all of the various deciduous plants, maple trees bear some of the most stunning hues of the autumn. If you have a large outdoor space, you may be able to plant a red or sugar maple; however, smaller yards are perfect homes for diminutive Japanese maple trees, the leaves of which turn a deep red. Other great tree options to complete your fall landscaping ideas are stewartia and dogwood, which bear red fruit late in the season.

Aardweg Landscaping has the expertise to optimize your personal or business property for every season with a variety of native and exotic species that add beauty and value to your outdoor space all year long. For longer than 30 years, the team at Aardweg has served the Philadelphia Main Line with professional and personal care, customizing each job to the unique needs of the home or business owner.

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