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Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Some yards have plenty of horizontal space, but your best bet with a small yard is to build from the ground up.

Container gardening gives you the unique opportunity to use a variety of heights in your outdoor landscape design, and many containers are visually appealing pieces. It is also very easy to rearrange a container garden to accommodate for company or a simple change in scenery.

Raised garden beds, trellis-climbing plants and wall-mounted fountains all work very well in limited space.

Color plays an important role in small outdoor spaces, just as it does indoors. Dark and warm colors can make your yard seem even more diminutive than it truly is, but cool, light colors add a larger feeling to limited areas. Use blues, whites and violets to create an airy, open feel. Dwarf evergreen trees, such as the Japanese white pine, are a great addition to a small yard or patio landscape design.

Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

If you have a black thumb, your small yard might be the perfect place for a Japanese garden, featuring rocks, sand, gravel and water with few plants. Rock gardens fit in the smallest of spaces, creating a serene getaway. With locally available rocks, sand and plant life, your Japanese landscape design can save time and money while still optimizing your tiny yard.

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