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Recycled Objets d’art for Main Line Landscaping Ideas

(Image via flickr--woolnwares)

(Image via flickr–woolnwares)

One of the truly inspirational and enjoyable design concepts on the list of Main Line landscaping ideas is using recycled items in the garden. Have you considered using recycled objets d’art in your landscaping?

Here are a few ideas our Aardweg Landscaping design team recommends as recycled and repurposed items in your garden–to give it a personalized, humorous and nostalgic appeal. If your landscape design includes climbing plants, consider using an old bed rail, ladder, screen door or tall window to serve the function of a trellis. You can either paint the trellis an unusual color for a contemporary look, or leave it in a rustic state for a realistic, natural appearance.

Landscaping ideas include planters made from objects such as old colanders, boots, wooden boxes and even wagons. No matter what your garden portfolio consists of, you can easily incorporate vintage planters into a new landscape design. You can also choose to create bird feeders out of old light fixtures, pots, dishes or even a bathroom or kitchen sink.

Use recycled objects in the Main Line garden for landscaping ideas (Image via Stock.xchng)

Use recycled objects in the Main Line garden for landscaping ideas (Image via Stock.xchng)

Hanging items on a fence, garden shed or the exterior walls of your home can be a fun way to add a splash of color to your garden. In a formal garden, your landscaping ideas could involve adding a vintage mirror to visually enhancing the space. Informal or cottage style gardens might be the ideal spot for a collection of old plates, bottles or birdhouses.

Making a potting bench from reclaimed materials is often one of the more popular uses for recycled or repurposed items. Old lumber may be used to build a frame, which can be covered with a recycled countertop and sink. Create a back for it from an old window frame to help add a touch of nostalgia.

Aardweg Landscaping can help you take your landscaping ideas and turn them into a  beautiful work of art you will be proud to show off to family and friends. If you are seeking ideas for landscape design, and would like to know more about the landscaping process, contact Aardweg Landscaping today, by telephone at 610.355.0703.

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