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Main Line Garden Before and After 3D Photographic Image Designs

Aardweg Landscaping Main Line Philadelphia 3D Image Design Before

Side Yard Before 3D Photographic Image Design

Aardweg Landscaping Main Line Philadelphia 3D Image Design

Side Yard After 3D Photographic Image Design

Planning a new landscape design for your Main Line property? When envisioning new garden and landscaping ideas, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what the finished result might look like.

The latest trend in landscape design is the 3D photographic image design – it shows you a before and after view of your property, with and without the new plantings. Using 3D photographic image designs, you can determine whether or not you’ll be pleased with the finished result, thereby preventing you from having a garden you’re unhappy with later.

How Does 3D Photographic Image Design Work?
We begin by taking photographic images of your property to show you what it presently looks like. After that, we’ll sit down and discuss landscaping ideas with you to get a better idea of your dream garden. Next, our landscape design expert will determine which plants will thrive well in the new garden area. We’ll then use computer imaging to add pictures of these plants according to the design concept, so you can get an idea as to what your landscaping will look like.

Main Line Garden Design - One Year Later

Main Line Garden Design – One Year Later

Front Yard Before 3D Photographic Image Design

Front Yard Before 3D Photographic Image Design

Advantages to Using Photographic Image Design
There are numerous advantages to using 3D photographic image design. In particular, it enables you to see images of the preliminary design plans. If you’re not pleased with the original design, you can make revisions. For example, you just might find that a formal garden isn’t well suited for your property, or that certain hardscaping features require more emphasis.

Here at Aardweg Landscaping, quality design is of major importance. With more than 35 years in the landscape design and installation business on the Main Line, we have added scores of satisfied clients who now enjoy their unique and attractive garden landscaping designs. For more information on how we can help you turn your landscaping ideas into a reality, feel free to contact us today by telephone at 610.355.0703.


Back Yard Before 3D Photographic Image Design


Back Yard After Photographic Image Design


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