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Ponds and Water Features for Residential Main Line Gardens

Landscaped water feature in Radnor PA by Aardweg Landscaping

Landscaped water feature in Radnor PA by Aardweg Landscaping

Incorporating the element of water into the garden sphere offers the opportunity to add natural beauty and inspiration to your landscape. Professional landscape designers like Aardweg Landscaping create water features such as a new fountain or pond, a recessed or above ground water enclosure, or an attractive babbling brook to achieve a desired aesthetic appeal in the garden. Few design elements add as much to the ambiance and atmosphere of the residential garden as does a quietly flowing pond or water feature.

Trendy homeowners in communities across the Main Line, such as Newtown Square, Paoli or Radnor, are enjoying the addition of a pond or water feature in the landscape. The proper design, installation and operation of the pond filtration system is critical for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. Popular pond filtration methods include the following three:

  • Biological System – The biological system uses the natural decomposition process of bacteria to reduce the ammonia that builds up in the pond as organic matter decays
  • Mechanical System – The mechanical system uses electrically powered pumps and filters to clean the water
  • Chemical System – The chemical system uses carbon resins to absorb contaminants

The first step in setting up the common mechanical filtration system is to determine a design and layout for the system. Once you’ve determined the design, the closed-loop plumbing system is installed, with the pump forcing water from the pond through the filter and then back to the pond again. Next, the weatherproof electric wiring is installed. Finally, the equipment is installed, including a pump with a minimum flow rate that allows all of the pond’s water to be recirculated within 60 to 90 minutes.

Natural Water Feature in Newtown Square PA by Aardweg Landscaping

Natural Water Feature in Newtown Square PA by Aardweg Landscaping

The installation of water features and garden ponds must be conducted in a careful, methodical manner. The best way to ensure a quality result is to have your waterfall or fountain built by a professional landscaper, such as Aardweg Landscaping — experienced in creating attractive ponds and water features designed to provide years of enjoyment.

British author John Lubbock suggests, “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.” And, what a delight it would be to be able to slip away into the solitude of your own Newtown Square, Paoli or Radnor garden, and let the lovely reflection and calming sounds of water soothe away the stresses of a sometimes hectic life! Who would not enjoy his own little garden oasis – complete with a garden pond and water feature landscape design?

Ponds and Water Features for Residential Main Line Gardens 2

A natural looking babbling brook designed by Aardweg Landscaping

In addition to the visual impact of well designed plants and water features, Aardweg Landscaping utilizes the latest in pond construction materials to provide superior water retention and durability. The design also employs top-of-the-line conservation techniques by the implementation of a mechanical and biological closed-loop, recirculating system.

If you desire to add the tranquility of a garden pond or water feature into your Newtown Square, Paoli or Radnor garden, contact Aardweg Landscaping by telephone to (610) 355-0703.


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