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Plant Care and Landscaping Tips for Perennial Plants and Flowers

Let’s face it – unless you are a serious master gardener, your primary garden aspiration is to have a beautiful well-maintained garden all season long that does not require too much work!  However, even very low maintenance landscaping designs benefit from some level of attention. And, that attention will undoubtedly reward your efforts with a blooming, colorful perennial garden throughout the entire growing season.

Traditional Landscape by Newtown Square Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Aardweg Landscaping

Traditional Landscape by Newtown Square Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Aardweg Landscaping

 What are some basic go-to tips to keep your southeastern Pennsylvania perennial plants and flowers in tip-top shape?

Provide consistent water supply – Although your plants may have different moisture requirements, some being able to tolerate short periods of dry weather better than others, prolonged times of drought can put a significant strain on your plants and flowers, forcing them to cut flower production in order to stay alive. So supplying your landscape with regular water can keep your southeastern Pennsylvania perennial plants and flowers performing cheerfully for you throughout the summer.

Fertilize regularly – Some plants and flowers, particularly annuals and roses, are so floriferous that they really benefit from a quality “multi-vitamin” to boost their energy and keep the blooms coming.


Perennial garden design by Aardweg Landscaping

Deadhead periodically – Removing spent blossoms serves a dual purpose – it not only tidies up your plants, thereby improving the appearance of your entire garden, but it also encourages them to produce more flowers.

There are many plant care best practices and tips to follow, but how do you know which are most important for southeastern Pennsylvania perennial plants and flowers? says, “Perennials native to Pennsylvania have adapted to the climate and perform well in cultivation, displaying their showy


Perennial garden design by Aardweg Landscaping

flowers and rich foliage in gardens year after year. These native plants require little maintenance and often attract butterflies and bees to the garden with their fragrant blooms.”

While having a no-work masterpiece garden is pretty much a thing of daydreams, still, these fairly quick and simple tips will help your southeastern Pennsylvania perennial plants and flowers to grow and perform their ultimate purpose– of beautifying your lawn… and your life. For more information about plant care and landscaping tips for perennial plants and flowers, call 610-355-0703 for a complimentary consultation at your home, or contact Aardweg Landscaping through the Aardweg Landscaping website.

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