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Winter Is the Best Time to Create a Landscaping Design

At first glance, winter may not seem like the most conducive season for breathtaking landscaping plans. After all, the garden scenery looks pretty bleak, right? But, what if someone told you that it’s actually the perfect time to dream big and create beautiful landscaping designs for Philadelphia homes?

Steve Aardweg of Aardweg Landscaping discussing the proposed design

Steve Aardweg discussing the proposed design

While the landscape may be utterly monochromatic, with garden beauties lying dormant under their cozy blankets of snow, you certainly don’t have to be. Instead, you can be nestled inside the comfort and warmth of your home, have steaming coffee or cocoa at hand, and be actively preparing for a masterpiece to come in the growing season.

So, what can you do now, to plan for the season to come?

First, you can see the structure. With the leaves and flowers removed from the scenery, it is actually easier to see the core features of your lawn and garden. It’s very common, during the height of the growing season, to get distracted from the main points by the blurring sights and sounds of a bustling, colorful garden.


Winter is the perfect time to assess the “bones” of your garden and get a more accurate feel of the flow and pattern of the whole landscape to enable you to more objectively envision the direction you want to go in your landscaping design plan for your Philadelphia home.

Winter is the perfect time to assess the “bones” of your garden and get a more accurate feel of the flow and pattern of the whole landscape. 

Secondly, you can visualize the dream. With your ability to see what is comes the potential to see what can be. Once you settle on an overall theme for your landscape, you can then plan for hardscapes, plant selections, accents, seating areas, etc., to complement the garden atmosphere

Aardweg Landscaping Main Line Philadelphia 3D Image Design

3D Photographic Image Design

“The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination,” said Terri Guillemets, and it’s definitely true. So let your active imagination brighten and cheer the long, cold days of winter – and set you on course for the most wonderful landscaping design plan for your Philadelphia home!

Especially appropriate during the winter, Aardweg Landscaping offers photographic image designs  composed during the design phase to show you what a proposed design will look like. Photographic image design involves taking a picture of your landscape, and then using a computer program to “add in” certain plants and hardscaping features to enable you to see what the finished result will look like once all of the plants you choose are fully mature.

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