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Stunning Japanese Maples Transform the Landscape Design

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Alexander Pope once said that “All gardening is landscape painting.” And it is true that, much like a piece of fine art, a resplendent garden is an incredibly complex matter. It needs shape, definition, color, movement, vision, character, soul and so on. For homeowners living in Philadelphia and surrounding communities such as Bryn MawrDevon and Frazer, one beautiful tree to add depth and character to a landscape design is the enchanting Japanese maple tree.

Japanese maples are well-beloved in the landscaping world. They deliver amazing returns despite their diminutive size, making them ideal for even the tiniest of gardens.

The exquisitely cut foliage brings an immediate “brush” of texture to your landscaping “canvas”, the unusual colors provide multi-seasonal interest, and both the upright and weeping varieties make excellent focal points in any garden setting.

But with over one hundred cultivars in existence, how can homeowners who live in the Philadelphia and surrounding communities such as Bryn MawrDevon and Frazer  be sure they are making the best selection for their landscaped property? The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has two noteworthy Japanese maples selections on its list of gold medal plants:

  • Japanese Cutleaf ‘Tamukeyama – This spectacular maple has been a popular choice since the 18thcentury – and for good reason too. With a height of 6 feet and a spread of 12 feet, this petite tree is nevertheless noted for its extreme hardiness and longevity. The Japanese Cutleaf ‘Tamukeyama boasts lovely, showy red leaves throughout the entire growing season while the trunk and twigs provide winter-long structural interest.
  • Japanese Cutleaf ‘Waterfall – This beauty is a visual treat in all seasons. Its larger leaves are more deeply dissected and adorn cascading branches with a rich green during the summer and red and yellow during the autumn. The Japanese Cutleaf ‘Waterfall grows to 12 feet tall with an 18 foot spread. Homeowners living in Philadelphia and surrounding communities such as Bryn MawrDevon and Frazer will enjoy the years of continuous beauty and enjoyment provided by  Japanese maple trees.

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