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Affordable Hardscaping and Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards & Backyards

Let’s face it — even homeowners with good looking properties dream of having that picture perfect lawn and garden to outdo the neighbors. It’s an unspoken competition, right? Not really, but sometimes it feels that way. Who likes having drab adjectives such as “boring”, “uninteresting”, or “lifeless” associated with their property?

True, a major upgrade might not be in the budget right now, but what about exploring a few affordable hardscaping and landscaping ideas for your front and back yard gardens to add the fresh interest and vibrant personality that shine even in a neighborhood with great looking gardens and lawns. Here are a few ideas to consider:


Place pavers in a lovely garden walkway surrounded by grass

Select an inexpensive material such as crushed rock or gravel to add a porous surface underfoot a new outdoor kitchen seating nook or dining area; or place pavers in a lovely garden walkway. suggests, “If you do use traditional pavers, consider unusual placement — large stones interspersed with wide swaths of grass, for example — to cut down on the total material needed.”


Add a new patio with outdoor living furniture and plants

Have a patio area designed and installed. By creating an oasis in your lawn, garnishing it with soothing colors amid comfortable outdoor living furniture, you will turn something boring into an attractive gathering place where you and your family, friends and neighbors can “stop and smell the roses.”

Landscaping and Hardscaping for Storm Water Control in the Main Line Garden

Replace the lawn with hardy plants and ground covers

Replace the lawn with hardy plants and ground covers. This particular idea has a lot of pluses going for it. You have a blanket of varied color all year round. Since the grass has been retired, you are no longer required to mow every couple weeks during the hot summer! It is also a great way to conserve the earth’s resources, requiring less maintenance, making this suggestion a very affordable option for front and backyard landscaping design ideas.

Spruce up tired walkways with new materials or plants

Spruce up tired walkways by one or more of the following ideas: Widen them for a more spacious feel, lay down attractive stepping stones and surrounding them with gravel. Or, provide a contrast in shapes and textures, which, when softened by flowers or grasses, further encourages passersby to linger in the lovely surroundings.

Add a few carefully selected and well placed plant containers in the front yard entrance area

Finally, consider adding a few carefully selected and well placed planters in the front yard entrance area suitable for seasonal planting year round. Take your lawn from “yawn” to “WOW” with some impressive, yet affordable hardscaping and landscaping ideas for your front and back yard Main Line Philadelphia gardens – and never look back.

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