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The Importance of Landscape Maintenance

The spring and summer weather bring the life back into your landscape, yard, and garden. Along with the breath of spring comes the growth of weeds, the overgrowth of your plants, and other difficult chores that can accompany the change in weather. However, landscaping maintenance is incredibly important for a pleasant spring season. Here are five reasons why you need landscape maintenance this spring:

Plant Health

Not only are weeds unattractive, but they can also take valuable nutrients and water away from your chosen plants. This means that the stress of weed growth can kill your flora or put them into severe distress. Additionally, plants will compete for yard space with your weeds, so the growth of weeds in your garden can stunt your plants’ growth and steal valuable sunlight from them.

Additionally, your plants may require pruning, fertilizing, and other specified attention to keep them healthy and blooming again each spring. Pruning can be taxing, and you can damage your plants if you do it wrong. Fertilizing is another tedious task that, if left undone, can leave your plants without the nutrients they need to thrive. In the absence of these services, your flora might stop producing new growth. A landscaping maintenance professional knows exactly how to care for these needs of your plants, and will save you the labor and trouble of attempting to maintain them on your own.

Protecting your Hardscapes and Water Features

Landscaping maintenance is about so much more than just protecting your plants. An experienced landscaping professional will take a comprehensive maintenance approach to keep your space in prime condition. If your landscapes include water features or hardscapes, this maintenance involves inspecting and preserving these garden elements as well. By detecting vulnerabilities in these spaces early and working to repair them early, a landscaping professional can help you avoid costly repairs during routine maintenance.

Critters, Bugs, and Other Unwelcome Guests

The more you let the flora grow out in your landscape, the more critters that will begin to build their homes right outside of your own. After they establish their life in your yard or garden, a burst of bad weather will send them seeking shelter, and they will likely turn to your home for protection. You can minimize the mystery creatures camping out in your yard by keeping up with your landscape maintenance. A clean yard, garden, and outdoor space will maximize the outdoor resources for your plants while minimizing the resources available for unwanted pests.

Fees and Fines

Landscaping maintenance is an affordable alternative to some of the costs associated with letting your outdoor space get out of hand. If your homeowner’s association has strict rules on the growth of your lawn, bushes, or other plant life, it can be easy to rack up complaints and fines associated with these kinds of notices. It can be more affordable to simply pay to have your lawn maintained and enjoy the benefits of having a polished lawn rather than to pay the consequences of neglect.

Serene Space

Your peaceful and serene outdoor space might be interrupted by erratic plant growth. If weeds are taking over your plants and your bushes are growing out of control, your garden area can cause you more stress than it does peace. Lawn maintenance can help you restore your happy place and take control of your outdoor space.

If you are seeking landscaping maintenance help, the experts at Aardeweg Landscaping have the assistance you are looking for! With affordable, expert maintenance for homes in the Tri-State area, Aardweg Landscaping experts are trusted and preferred by customers from Southeastern Pensylvainia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and everywhere in between. Contact our experts to schedule your maintence today!

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